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Client Testimonials

Client testimonials received by New Haven Care Home will be posted here. It is such an honor to receive your appreciation.

Our staff is inspired by your kind words to maintain the quality of our services.

“I am so grateful for the care my mother has been receiving in your care home at Central Avenue in Springtown. In just the few short months she has been living there, she has added more than five pounds to her previously frail little frame. She is obviously thriving, and her physician is pleased.

More than that, mom’s mentation has improved noticeably. As an Alzheimer’s patient, she struggles with bouts of paranoia and depression. Since she has been living in your care home and without any change in her medications, her symptoms have nearly disappeared. Your staff keeps her amused and stimulated. Her frequent outings with the other residents give her a sense of optimism she was previously lacking.

You employ a stellar team of caregivers – always attentive, loving, and competent. Because I visit daily at different hours of the day, I am able to observe their performance in a myriad of situations with all of the residents. The quality of care delivered is unfaltering. I have one hundred percent confidence in their work, which allows me to do my work with peace of mind.

I also appreciate the warm, home-like environment of the facility, and the welcoming attitude I find when I visit. It is always a pleasure to stop by and “hang out” to chat with you, mom, the staff, and the residents. It feels more like extended family than a care facility.

I will continue to recommend you to anyone seeking care for their loved one. Thank you for being there for my mom.”

Very truly yours,
Joanne E. Morrison

“Arnold, It’s been a couple of weeks now since my Dad passed and I just thought I would write and let you know how much we appreciated the care and attention that was given to my father while at one of your New Haven Care homes for the last 2 years. Every time I visited I was greeted like one of the family by the caregivers and I know that’s how Dad felt too. My father had nothing but good words for both Precy and Cris, his primary caregivers. Whenever I visited they were taking great care of him with lots of smiles to help cheer his day. He especially loved the way you went out of you way to make sure the NFL channel was always working and he especially enjoyed his talks with you about the 49ers and Giants and A’s. He also really appreciated your helping him with doctors appointments and getting to go out to the ocassional dinner or movie. He also told me that when your kids popped in to say hi, it was often one of the best parts of his day! Thanks again so much for all you, Precy and Cris did for him. I can not imagine we could have found a better place for him the last 2 years.”

Jeff Smith

“When I found Arnold and his New Haven Facility, I felt he was literally a Godsend. I knew somehow I could completely trust him and his staff to take good care of my ailing father, Richard. First impressions are lasting impressions. The newly remodeled house was immaculate at all times. His care-giving staff took the roles of “mothers” to the ailing, aging folks that they were entrusted to care for. They had schedules that they followed, and they were very competent and capable. Several times I observed them just “hanging” out with one of the residents in their room. I was free to come and go as I wished, as well as many other resident’s families did. I could never repay Arnold for his genuine caring nature. At a time in our lives when we are losing our loved ones to age or sickness, its’ frightening to trust a stranger to care for your family member. But this facility and the people involved are absolutely the best. I never felt one time that I had to worry. They went out of their way to accommodate my dad and I appreciate that. My sincere thanks go out to Arnold, his wife, Precy, Vangy, and all the other caregivers that were so nice to my father.
God Bless you all!”

Cinda Bernard

“Dear Arnold, Debbie, Rica, Phoebe and all Caregivers,

Thank you so much for the care and concern you gave my mother, Lillian, during her 5 year stay at New Haven. You attended to her as she progressed from an alert adult through the various stages of dementia, even to the point of feeding her by hand. Your care, concern, compassion and friendship were that of “family”, far beyond simply that of the normal “home”. Thanks you so much for your loving care. Lillian was truly a “character”. She was “full of life”. At times she could be stubborn and a bit difficult, but you always treated her with love and respect, overlooking the difficulties and accentuating her spirit for life. For this I am forever grateful. You and your staff made the last years of her life as comforting and peaceful as possible. You made her last years the best they could be. Thank you for your personal touch. I truly appreciate all you did for her and my family.”

With warmest regards,
Claude W. Hinsley (Skip)

“Dear Arnold,
Four days after my fifty-third anniversary, my dear husband died. I knew I couldn’t remain alone in our big home in Tibouron, Marin County, since I was 81 years old. I was even an hour-plus drive to my adult three sons in the east bay. All three, Gary, Wade and Neal started looking for an Assisted living home for me – when they found your home in Pleasanton, I knew right away that it was as near to happiness as I could find. I no longer have to cook, clean or wash clothes, as that is what “Assisted” means. But, more important, I found owners, you and Debbie, who really care about your “Elders”. How do I thank you two for all the love and happiness you’ve given me all these years?”

My deepest thanks,
Vickie Winblad

“We would like to thank YOU for what You have done for our Mother Ruth and giving all of us peace of mind knowing Mom is in good hands”

Phil Heath

“Our experience with New Haven was wonderful. My mother needed additional care after a fall, broken shoulder and hospital stay. The beautiful assisted living complex, Heritage Estates, that we had just moved her into wouldn’t be enough. The fall and surgery accelerated her dementia and she could no longer take care of herself to the degree necessary for assisted living. We toured many nursing and retirement homes and never felt very comfortable with the atmosphere and didn’t think she was to the point of needing a nursing home. Then we found New Haven. The physical setting was a beautiful, clean, and sunny family home. There were homemade dinners, birthday celebrations and occasional In N Out runs or Chinese takeout. There were pictures, photo albums, and holiday celebrations. We were welcome anytime. The care and love that my mom received was phenomenal. Arnold, his family and his staff loved and cared for my mom and I am convinced that no one else would have put as much heart and soul into the care of an elderly person. They gave Louise a loving warm home and gave us peace of mind knowing that my mom was well cared for and loved.”

Tom and Kelly Miller

Thank you for your kindnesses, and thoughtfulness during our recent experience at New Haven. Everyone was so pleasant and did more than was expected.”

Florence Smith

“My mom’s home and her independences were always very important to her so it was a difficult decision when we realized she cold no longer care for herself. I also realized that I was unable to give her all the assistance that she needed to live on her own. Mom was 94 in November of 2004 when we moved her to New Haven in Pleasanton. Since the day she moved in, the atmosphere has always been welcoming and caring. I have visited many times unannounced during the day and evening and never felt unwelcome, never noticed unpleasant odors, or noticed anything but extreme cleanliness within the home. My mom is always dressed, clean, her hair combed, and is very comfortable and as my mom’s care needs increased the caregivers responded wonderfully.

The owners, Arnold and Debbie Soleta, have always hired kind and loving individuals for whom the care and happiness of their charges mean more than just a job. My family members often mention how truly lucky we were to find this home for our mother. I believe it really is the answer to our prayers.”

Diane Staszkow